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Our cover model: Jacques van der Linde DECEMBER 2007

Catch Jacque at this year's pegeant, he will be a guest appearing as one of the judges.

Jacques stepped on the fitness stage for the first time in 2005. My recollection of him appearing in a fitness magazine cover together with Julie Buckle hiding behind her, my only impression I had of him was this little boy that was hiding behind one of our top Fitness competitors of that time, but on arrival, late as usual, I was a stunned for words. I had been clearly mislead and this statue, beholding the look of a Greek God, had not only amazed me, but also the judges.


He took the Mr Physique title that year with no problem at all. In 2006 he came back to claim his title one more time, looking for himself from the previous year.

In 2007 the standard of competitors improved drastically. Jacques knew he had to work very hard and he did his homework, which he knows very well, I might add. He not only came back with an even more chiselled physique, he also trained four competitors for the show. So if you can't beat him, then join him, and get our Champion to take you to the next level of competition shape.

With his successful little empire he has built up over the last 3 years; owning Co-Nutrition, Co-Dance and Co-Entertainment, promises to only be growing from strength to strength. So with so many phases to this Greek God, Jacques will be a force to be reckoned with on many spheres.

I can only wish him the best of luck with his plans for 2008, as he will be competing in more international competitions, and I'm sure he will be bringing back not only some great titles, but also the knowledge to pass on to any of you that would like to be trained by him. To contact Jacques van der Linde, e-mai him: jacques@conutrition.com.

Managing Director - Jacques van der Linde
.co health management

Shop No.2, Karaglen Mall
Cnr Harris and Baker Street
Johannesburg, South AFrica

| Tel: +27 11 452 5044 | Fax: +27 11 452 5034 |
| E-mail: jacques@conutrition.com |
.co health management

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Photographs by: Riaan Vosloo