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HMT Weight Loss Challenge

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Junior Winner Of Shameen Classic
Emily Muller


What a pleasant surprise! Deciding a week before Shameen Classic to step on stage, I receive my first win! What a great show. It was a while back when I was feeling so lost with my prep, I realised I needed serious help and to pull my finger from my a***. Its such a tough sport we participate in and theres absolutely no room for comfortablity nor slip ups. Shameen Classics was such a good show for me to boost my confidence again and to get me back on the "fitness train". I'm now so excited for Fitness SA this year. The competition is tough but its so great at the same time. Every show should be a learning and rowing experience, and if you win - KUDOS! A big thank you to you, Bernadette Beyer, for your precise and perfect advice!

Figure Division Winner
Shameen Classic


Lairen Terblanche walkes away with 1st place Figure and Overall winner at Shameen classic held 31 March 2012

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Toned Bikini Winner
Shameen Classic


Alana Kruger walked away with not only "Toned bikini under 165cm" division, but also the "Overall Bikini line-up" at Shameen Classic.

Prepping now, also under the professional guidance of Bernadette Beyer, for Ms Fitness - "Bikini division" happening the 11th and 12th of May at the Grand Arena, Grand West.

Going to be a tough decision for the judges this time round!

Best of luck to you all!




Waldi Bosman is a Sport and Life Style Nutritionist from Green Health, Potchefstroom Quilified ISSA Impact Sports Nutritionest

Waldi 35+

Also Men's 35+ winner of 2007

Name: Michelene Adamo
Michelene is a Professional Dancer, Nutritionist, Choreographer & Stage and Fitness Coach.
Owner of: M.A.D Dance Academy & Michelene Nutrition

Michelene has been in the Fitness Industry involving Choreography, Dance Productions, Competitor, Judging of fitness and dance competitions as well as her Nutrition for the past 18 years.
And has studied Dance and Fitness, in Cape Town, New York, London & New Orleans

Her Motto “if you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong”
“My passion is Dance and Nutrition… and through my passions, I desire to inspire others to live their best life!”


June Heydenrych

June Heydenrych has been a qualified fitness professional since 1996, she has more than 12 years of practical experience in the sport, She offers personal training for general health, wellness and a well balanced physique, as well as specialised fitness coaching and stage preparation to a number of South Africa’s Top Athletes.

June has the theoretical as well as practical knowledge of a successful personal trainer and fitness coach and also has the experience gained through her own participation in the world of fitness competing. Read more.


Bruce Taljaard
[ click here to view the whole poster ]

Kim Bland
Kim Bland
Kim Bland


We have a catalogue of these stunning shoes. Please contact Lauren 079 792 6894 /

You can discuss what kind of a look you are after with Lauren, and she will send you the images that will best suit your costume. Don't miss out!

Shaeen MM


Team SA makes waves in Las Vegas, Nevada, again, last weekend at the , International Fitness America Pageant and Muscle Mania.

With over 700 athletes, to be the biggest fitness pageant thus far.

Shameen Adams now Pro Muscle Mania champion where he won his devision in the worlds Muscle Mania light wieght devision and then went on to winning overallls. Well done bro !

Lleweleyn Cordier place 2nd by a mear half a point in the "Firts time ever" Mr Fitness devision and these guys took the house down.

Rudi Strydom came 7th in the short class Men's Model with over 50 competitors in the line-up, so well done to you guys.

Lee McQueen took 5th place in the Women's 45+ (their Veteran devision) in also a, 35 strong devision. Well-done girl! Those that did not do so great, don't keep trying. Next time its yours!

We would like to thank our sponsors, HMT, Slim Lab / Sports Lab and Smart shake that made it possible.

And Grand West Arena, Grand West, for hosting the Mr & Ms Fitness SA Pageant and Muscle Mania.

All our other sponsors, Drange, Volt Modeling, Louis B Modeling, Gyro board, Betain Nutrition, Toro clothing, Powerade, Imortal Health, Planet Fitness, Missy F, One & Only Spa, Swartzkopfh, and all our loyal supporters, thank you for all your support and hope to see you all again next year.

Mr Fitness SA Photo Gallery

Check out our 2010 show photo gallery section filled with a range of stunning photographs taken by Roger Wells. Click here to view.


SA Team made waves in Las Vegas, Nevada at the International Fitness America Pageant weekend, (19 - 20 Nov 2010). With over 600 athletes, this to be the biggest fitness pageant thus far. Click here to read more.

Mr Fitness SA Photo Documentary

Congrats on a fantastic show! I was very impressed with all aspects of it.

Ive decided to do two pieces about the show. This week is front stage, and then next week I'll do backstage. Click here to check it out.

Please let me know what you think! Also, I'm busy putting together quite an exciting commercial line, so if you know of anyone who needs portfolio shoots I excited to make something innovative for them. - Damien Schumann


2010 winners

I just want to firstly thank all our sponsors and then congratulate all the winners in each of the 11 divisions. The show was phenomenal! We had 150 top athletes that 15 judges had to choose the winners from. The crowd was 1700 strong, and a huge thank you to YOU, the spectators,  for supporting the athletes and allowing me to take them all to the finals in Las Vegas in November. A Huge thank-you to Pieter from SA Guys, for sponsoring 3 of the men’s divisions and Hayley and Lauren from Body Beautiful for sponsoring our Ms Fitness winner the trip to Vegas.

Mr Fitness: Julian LouwFirst of all I would like to thank Grand West for sponsoring the pageant with such an amazing venue, the Arena. Also a huge thanks to all those that helped me, especially my back stage manager, Monique, it’s not always easy. I’d like to thank Duane Jocquim for a phenomenal show opening dance and the athletes for gathering that last bit of energy to actually pull it through. A huge thank-you to our MC’s, Jacques and Angelique van der Linden. It is not an easy job either and for also sponsoring the JVL hot pants for the guys and then also Christa Foxcroft for those stunning group opening outfits. I’d also like to thank Celebrations for doing such and awesome job on the decoré. I will be doing a nice spread on that in the next week.

I would also like to congratulate the Fitness Challenge winners, Caren and Heinrich for winning the R10 000 cash each. Well done people!

And also a huge thanks to Girlz Beauty and Fitness Salon, Fairy Glen Private Game Reserve, Heinz Hair & Beauty Salon and Karen Berg Photography.

For all the feedback on the show, log onto our Facebook page. The DVD’s and photos for the show will be done in the next couple of weeks. You can place your order for photos by downloading this order form. For those that have paid for the show DVD’s, they will be posted as soon as I have them available.

Click here to see the top three winners form the eleven divisions that we had in the show.

Again, well-done to all of you and thank you to the One we know has always been behind us right from the beginning, our almighty God and Christ Jesus.

Group opening dance outfits designed by Christa Foxcroft

A very big thank to Christa Foxcroft for designing the outfits for the 2010 Mr and Miss Fitness group opening outfits.

MissyF! - Funky, Fresh and FabulousFor those who do not know me, I am a SA figure competitor and have been training since the age of 19.

As a competitor, I have achieved a lot sofar and since I started competing, I have always designed and made all my own bikinis and or routine or themed wear.  

I have a very innovative, creative side and have a true passion towards style and fashion, especially swim suits, because that is the ultimate way of styling the perfect body.

I also create some clubwear, for clubbing is one of my personal most favourite past times.

contact no: 083 300 0297 (Please no private calls, please reflect
                   your number).
facebook: christa foxcroft


Bernadette and her two sons.To say that Bernadette Beyer is eye-catching would be an understatement. She is beyond perfection – she is the body beautiful that you read about and then feel a slight tinge of jealousy. A new mum to baby Angelee and blessed with two other sons, Bernadette is not just an exceptionally stunning body, but a very serious and astute businesswomen.

She is the head of Mr and Mrs Fitness South Africa and also runs a successful body supplement business together with her husband, Dean. With many international fitness titles under her belt as well as local accolades, Bernadette is an inspiration to all women irrelevant of age. Read more on this dynamic and inspiring woman, click here.

From left: Elzke de Goede, Alethea Borman and Christine Visser.

Hi colleagues and friends

Hopefully we would be able to motivate more Namibians – female and male - to become part of this industry and to compete. We have a lot of great potential athletes in this sport, but when talking to them, most of them are not even aware of the competitive scene happening in South Africa and elsewhere in the region. Of course, our next steps should include establishing local competitions so that the industry can grow here as well, which is part of our reason for approaching the media.

The article attached gives a generalized summary, but federations/organizers active in South Africa can provide additional information that we can make available to interested parties to create further awareness. The information in the article may not be fully inclusive, so it would be helpful to get the facts and perhaps contact details out to local athletes who are considering competing in future. We are all reasonably active locally (as trainers) and we are able to distribute information to interested parties.

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Namibia had a very active scene in bodybuilding specifically (I remember covering it as a young journalist at the time) and some of our athletes competed internationally in the sport. Since then, it has been fairly quiet until Alethea started competing and raising awareness locally, and then Elzke and I became involved. In addition to that, Odette van der Merwe (Namibian but currently studying/working in SA) is also the reigning USN Face of Fitness, which also attracted helpful local media attention. From this small but very energetic and inspiring start, we are now expecting an even bigger group of competitors next year, and plans are underway for Namibia’s own competition at the coast later this year. Baby steps! Hopefully affiliations will be established and official registration with our national authorities will follow, so that the local sport can grow from there.

Anyway, we want to thank you for your support – moral or otherwise.


Click here to view the article from the Republiken Newspaper.




Angelee Demi Beyer, Born on the 13th of October at 11pm at the Durbanville hospital. Weight was 3.6kg and my story on the whole experience will follow. . . as girls are definitely different and full of nonsense even before we are born.

So men, don’t even try and fathom us, you ain’t going to get it right. If we as mothers can’t figure out our own girls, then how will you be able to J Just love us and except us for the wonderful creatures we are, as we have expected you guys for the wearied creatures you are.


I see myself as a very strong women, and I’m sure if you speak to any of my clients or family, they will say the same. But on the 13th of October this year, my little Angelee was born, and that was when I met my match!  The little gemstone that crushed me.

It started even before I had her. Trying to conceive and make sure that it would be a little girl, as we already have 2 boys, was not a walk in the park.  I had to change my diet to eat totally the opposite from what I normally eat to make sure that my bodies PH was acidic, as the male sperm does not flourish in acidity and therefore a better chance of being killed off and the girly sperm to get a chance to get to the egg.

Click here to read more.


   - Expert tips on pregnancy
   - Gladiator Diamond finally meets her Gemstone

Click here.


Bernadette and her assistants would love to help you achieve some of your health and weghtloss goals!

Click here for more info.

The “Vibration plate training” is something that has taken the fitness market by storm. Personally I can recommend this kind of training very highly, but do be careful, 10 min of vibration plate is the equivalent of 1 hours training, and you can easily over-do it and injure yourself. So if you do feel pain at any point in time, rather stop, or go slow

    For more information on the vibration plate, click here.

    For programmes on bodyweight training, click here.

Visit Bella Rosa Lifestyle Centre at the new Bella Rosa Park in Durban Road, TygerValley, you can receive personal one-on-one training with Phillip du Toit (082 412 4248) or Shameen Adams (083 635 9200) without being a member.

This beautiful up-market style gym will provide you everything from gym training, aerobics, swimming, squash as well as a bit of relaxing time at the juice bar.
The Exclusive Bella Rosa Lifestyle and fitness center is setting the standard in residential estate wellness.

Bella Rosa

This all inclusive facility will provide residents access to the fully equipped gymnasium, complete with cardiovascular, circuit and free weight areas.

For more info go visit their website or download document.

If you would like to get the Gladiators now on DVD, then join this petition to get them to release it. Go to Gladiatorszone and help bring us back! Even if it is not live, at least on DVD.

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